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Ever heard of N-of-1 experiments?

N-of-1 means the experiment is you!
N-of-1 experiments represent personal discovery through numbers. Beyond individual insights, Nof1+ harnesses the power of community data and AI to unlock collective wisdom.

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Make your wearables work for you!

Find out how daily habits and optimization strategies influence key health metrics.

You can run personal health experiments to understand what works for you, or joining cutting edge N-of-1 experiments with the community.

Nof1+: Your personal source of truth for effective Health Optimization.

We simplify your quest for better health, by making your data (and everyone else's) work for you.

Try. Tag. Learn. Repeat.

Learn from
your own N-of-1 data.

By decoding your individual health data, Nof1+ illuminates the path to your optimal health. Understand how your lifestyle habits influence key health metrics and identify what works for you.

Tap into what
works for others.

Harness the power of community intelligence in your optimization journey. Explore what health strategies work for others, and join Expert-Led experiments and challenges.

Enjoy the power of AI recommendations.

Glide through health plateaus using personalized, AI-driven insights. Nof1+ makes sense of your health data, and provides tailored strategies for optimal wellness and performance.

Outperform yourself with Nof1+

What would you do with all the keys to your own transformation? With Nof1+ you can finally discover what works for you, and see the data to eliminate what doesn’t. Transition into a new era of ultra-personalized health discovery today.

Sleep Optimization: The Ultimate Life Hack.

Think of your best days. The common thread? A good night's sleep. Dive deep with Nof1+ to see what most contributes to your REM and Deep Sleep volumes. It's not just about getting more sleep; it's about becoming smarter about it.

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Aggregate your health data in one place.

Ever wished for a single dashboard for all your health data? Nof1+ turns that wish into reality. By aggregating data from various sources, and refining it with AI, we bring all your health metrics into one cohesive, easy-to-analyze space.

Tag effortlessly with Smart Tags.

Smart Tags revolutionizes data labeling through automated tag creation, seamless customization and intuitive UI. Tag your activities, experiments and health optimization protocols in less than a minute a day, and discover patterns you never knew existed.

Join Expert-Led experiments and challenges.

Enter a community of health enthusiasts participating in challenges led by experts in medicine, fitness and well-being. Explore novel strategies, and learn from the experience and data of others who push the boundaries of peak human health.

It takes a village to unlock peak wellness.

What if you could join leading experts in their Nof1+ experiments and challenges? Now you can.

Longevity and regenerative medicine physician, entrepreneur & educator
Formulation Scientist and Supplements Expert
Molecular biologist specialising in the study of cellular aging, CEO & Founder of Nuchido
Sleep coach and founder of Sleep Is A Skill
Publisher of Biohacker Magazine, Serial entrepreneur, investor, author, motivational speaker, podcaster, athlete & biohacker
YouTuber and Biohacker
Supplements specialist, Co-Founder & President of Go Mix
Gerontologist, host of the Hack My Age podcast, focusing on biohacking for women over 50.
Certified health coach, holistic nutrition expert, co-host of the Biohacker Babes podcast
Functional Health Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Broadway Performer
Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Epigenetic Coach, host of the Biohacking Superhuman Performance podcast
The Digital Doctor
“N of 1+ completely changed the way I evaluate the effectiveness of my health experiments. I can now genuinely know what’s moving the needle for the quality of my sleep.”
Katie Moore

Consumer Reporter for Health Optimization

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Still have questions? Our FAQ section is packed with information about how Nof1+ works, what we offer, and how we're committed to helping you unleash your health journey.

What is Nof1+?

Nof1+ is a unique health optimization platform that brings together data from multiple sources, a supportive community, and the power of artificial intelligence. It enables biohackers, health enthusiasts, and experts to understand their personal health data better, participate in community-led experiments and challenges, and make data-driven health decisions.

What is the N-of-1 methodology?

The Nof1 methodology is a personalized approach to health optimization. It acknowledges that everyone's health journey is unique ('N of 1' refers to a single data point - you). By focusing on personalized data and individual experiences, this methodology empowers you to understand what works best for your own body and wellbeing.

How does Nof1+ help me understand my health data?

Nof1+ uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your health data from multiple sources. It makes this data easy to understand by allowing users to label it effortlessly, and providing intuitive visuals and insights, helping you identify correlations between your behaviors and health metrics.

What kind of data can I integrate with Nof1+?

Nof1+ is designed to integrate with a wide range of health data sources. At first we are focused on wearable devices such as the Oura Ring, and health apps, but we will expand into data from genetic testing, blood biomarker data, and more.

What is the Nof1+ community?

The Nof1+ community is a group of biohackers, health enthusiasts, and experts who are passionate about health optimization. This community shares insights, participates in collective experiments, and supports each other in their personal health journeys.

How can I join the Nof1+ community?

You can join the Nof1+ community by signing up for early access to our app. We also have a vibrant community where you'll be able to connect with like-minded individuals, participate in community-led experiments, and contribute to our collective knowledge.

How does Nof1+ ensure data privacy and security?

We take your data privacy and security very seriously. Nof1+ adheres to strict data protection standards to ensure that your personal information and health data are secure. We never share your data without your explicit consent and don't bury nasty clauses in our terms and conditions.

How can I contribute to the Nof1+ community?

There are many ways to contribute to the Nof1+ community. You can share your personal health insights, participate in community-led experiments, provide feedback on the platform, and support others in their health optimization journey.

What is the benefit of joining Nof1+ early?

By joining Nof1+ early, you'll be among the first to access our platform's features. You'll also have the opportunity to help shape the development of the platform by providing valuable feedback. Plus, you'll be able to connect with our community of pioneers from the very start of this exciting journey.

How does Nof1+ differ from other health tracking apps?

Nof1+ goes beyond traditional health tracking. It provides a unified platform for all your health data, analyzes this data using advanced AI, and facilitates community-led health experiments. It's not just about tracking—it's about understanding, learning, and optimizing your health in a way that's personalized to you.